DENOSA fully supports the COSATU programme on International Day for Decent Work this Friday.

PRETORIA – As the union federation COSATU will be embarking on its programme to observe the International Day for Decent Work on Friday 6 October countrywide, the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) will be part of this programme in all provinces wherein nurses will highlight the key workplace issues that stand to deprive the many patients and communities of adequate and quality healthcare service delivery in the country’s healthcare settings. 

Since the International Day for Decent Work on 07 October is on a Saturday this year, COSATU shifted the programme to a Friday where two-hour work stoppages and marches will be held in various places in the provinces.  

The declaration of austerity measures, the so-called cost-containment measures, the undermining of collective bargaining agreements, continuing load-shedding as well as the continued budget cuts in provincial departments of health have all brought grossly negative working conditions for the healthcare workers and seriously compromised the quality of healthcare that communities and patients receive daily.  

Throughout the country, the workers will be embarking on two-hour stoppages in some workplaces and picketing and marching to various government offices and healthcare facilities.  

For example, in the Eastern Cape the workers will march to the Frontier Hospital in Komani, Gateway Clinic in King William’s Town and Gateway Clinic in Mthatha. In Limpopo, the workers will march to the provincial Department of Health offices in Polokwane, as they will also do to the Department of Education, Provincial Treasury, the Office of the Premier and to Greater North Transport offices.  

Nurses will be part of the programmes in provinces, to send a clear message that it cannot be business as usual when the horrendous decisions that are made daily at the government level are having disastrous effects on the workers, patients and communities on the ground. 

The government has announced, recently, the commencement of cost-containment measures across all the government spheres, thus declaring full-blown austerity measures and a lockdown on public services as of 15 September 2023 due to the continuing load-shedding by Eskom and constrained exports of goods, both of which are leading low revenue collection for the state.  


Issued by DENOSA.  

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Sibongiseni Delihlazo, DENOSA Spokesperson.

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