The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (SADTU) in the North West Province would like to express their disgust at the violence against educators. The latest incident being the attack and assault of two (2) female educators by community members around Masamane village.

The two educators were attacked by the community members on their way to school over allegations of incorrect appointments of support staff at Masamane primary school. We condemn this barbaric act with the contempt it deserves. As SADTU, we are perturbed by these incidents which seek to undermine the profession and humiliate our teachers.

 We reiterate the Union’s position through its “I am School Fan” campaign which, amongst others, denounces violence in our schools and appeals to communities to desist from taking out their frustrations to schools and educators. The role of community should be to protect educators and be part of solutions and not to be perpetrators of violence against them.

We are calling on law enforcement agencies to investigate the matter and firm action to be taken against the perpetrators. Further, we call on the Department of Education to provide psychological support to the affected educators and an investigation into the allegations of incorrect appointments of support staff at the school.

 ISSUED BY:  SADTU North West Provincial Secretariat

 CONTACT:  Provincial Secretary, George Themba:  071 385 4659