COSATU Limpopo disturbed by extreme leniency by the judiciary towards those convicted of serious crimes

The Congress of South African Trade Unions(COSATU) in Limpopo is quite disturbed by the extremely lenient manner with which the judiciary hands down sanctions to those convicted of serious crimes, including corruption, which is a rot that needs be excised from our society.

The statement released by the National Prosecution Authority(NPA) in Limpopo province on 16 October 2023, regarding the plea bargaining which was entered into with some of the criminals involved in the VBS shenanigans is alarming and evokes horror and disgust. More so because COSATU shopstewards lost their lives for blowing the whistle on corruption and were assassinated. Furthermore, some shopstewards and members were dismissed from their jobs for taking a stand against corruption.

Whilst we understand that each case is considered on its merits and the judiciary has a responsibility to adjudicate justice, our perception in this matter is that the convicted received less than a slap on the wrist. This bodes ill for the determination of society to continue to fight against corruption and for the morale of the law enforcement officials to continue to prevent and investigate crime. We need to ensure that criminals such as these face suitable retribution from the authorities and not a mere slap on the wrist.

COSATU calls upon the judiciary and the justice system to serve society with the diligence and dedication that society expects.

Issued by COSATU Limpopo

Hangwani Mashao(Provincial Secretary)
Mobile:067 413 0165