COSATU Northern Cape is angered by Sol Plaatje Municipality’s sabotage of economic development and housing projects

03 November 2023

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) in the Northern Cape is exasperated by sabotage of the Sol Plaatje Municipality Council’s resolution to implement a project that could create about 25 000 (twenty-five thousand) jobs in Sol Plaatje municipality, produce about 12 800 (twelve thousand eight hundred) houses for the middle-income earners (missing middle) and help to combat water, sewerage, and electricity crisis in Kimberley.

We have learnt with huge shock that a resolution was passed already in July 2020 paving a way to a multi-billion-rand project which is aimed at changing the face of the city of Kimberley, alleviate the high unemployment rate and poverty in the Sol Plaatje and neighbouring areas. However, this was brought to a halt due to power struggles in the municipality chambers.

Even more appalling, is the fact that both the provincial and national governments have given this initiative a nod and commissioning should have started immediately but there seems to be a wrangling between the council and the municipal manager’s office in the matter.

The mayor of Sol Plaatje made a commitment to the Provincial Executive Committee of COSATU on Thursday, 26th October 2023 to officially launch this project but surprisingly, he is suddenly mute and not saying anything when asked about his promise.

Upon enquiring as to why the delay, the municipal manager could not provide answers, instead, he displayed an unpleasant attitude and indicated that he is conducting his own research and that he is liaising with another service provider to implement the project.

It is therefore our considered view that, there are very serious enigmas and sabotage happening in the municipality and this has stalled the implementation of service delivery to the community of Kimberley and the province. Evidently, there are rogue elements in the municipality who are there to serve their personal interests and neglecting the poor communities and workers who desperately need services such as housing and other infrastructural developments.

It is a common fact that, houses in the city are not affordable and many workers cannot qualify for subsidy houses (RDP) nor acquire bond and they are therefore left with no option but to rent.

The unemployment rate is so high especially among youth and this leads to crime and exacerbates poverty. Sol Plaatje Municipality can therefore not be allowed to deny people opportunities to better their lives.  

We condemn the selfishness and an apathetic attitude displayed by the officials of Sol Plaatje Municipality and further call upon the municipal council and the premier to provide leadership and expeditiously help resolve this impasse which is very disgusting to say the least.

Issued by COSATU Northern Cape

For more information, please contact:

Orapeleng Moraladi(Northern Cape Provincial Secretary)
Contact: 078 452 6891