07 November 2023

The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (SADTU)’s National Working Committee (NWC) held its ordinary monthly meeting on the 31st of October 2023 and deliberated on a host of issues including the Gaza genocide by the Israel Defense Forces.

The NWC noted with shock the inability of the United Nations (UN) to bring the parties to the negotiating table to find a lasting solution in line with UN resolution and the Two-state solution.

The moment of silence that is being observed by the UN and world leaders does not inspire hope to the Palestinian people in particular in Gaza.

The bombardment of schools, hospitals, ambulances, and humanitarian agencies by Israel is redefining international laws. The killing of more than 10,000 civilians which include 5,000 children is genocide. The murdering of unarmed, defenseless civilians and blocking access to humanitarian relief is genocide. Killing new-born babies in hospital wards cannot be justified.

During this difficult time, we know that women and girl children are vulnerable, and every effort must be made to address their plight.

All lives matter and the NWC is calling for immediate ceasefire to allow genuine negotiations and humanitarian interventions. That is the only logical solution to save lives.

SADTU calls for humanitarian assistance and also support the call and efforts of Education Cannot Wait to raise more money to support education in Gaza.

The double standards displayed by the international community on the education situation in Gaza has shown that the powerful nations have a different definition of life. There are those whose lives are precious and not the Palestinians. The education and health of children in Gaza has not received the same attention as in similar situations.

SADTU stands with humanity, equality, and justice everywhere. We call upon all peace-loving people of the world to choose justice. We make this clarion call to human rights organizations to stand in solidarity against ethnic cleansing and genocide in Gaza.

We call upon COSATU to lead the humanitarian efforts on behalf of the workers of our country as we step forward to help the Palestinians in Gaza. There is need for medical supplies, education services and other essential services for the people of Gaza who have been displaced.

We call upon the African Union (AU) and the continent to unite in calling for a ceasefire and take immediate measures to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza.

In our country we have received news that some schools are targeting employees or students who pledge solidarity with the people of Gaza. We call upon everyone in our education system to respect the Constitution of our country. We will not tolerate intimidation and harassment of teachers and students.

We support the Cabinet’s decision to recall the ambassador to Israel

Ceasefire now!!



General Secretary, Mugwena Maluleke: 082 783 2968

Deputy General Secretary, Nkosana Dolopi: 082 709 5651

Media Officer, Nomusa Cembi: 082 719 5157