COSATU joins millions of South Africans in paying farewell to Dr Peter Magubane

10 January 2024

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) joins millions of South Africans in paying farewell today to Dr. Peter Magubane today.  Peter Magubane was an illustrious son of the nation who spent a life dedicated in service to the people.

His life journey paints a picture the nation can be proud of.  A young man who grew up in the darkest days of racist rule, not only taught himself how to become a world class photojournalist but then used those skills to expose an amoral regime to society and the international community.  His work epitomised a generation of journalists who at great risk to their lives, shone a powerful spotlight on the horrific abuses inflicted upon millions of South Africans by the apartheid state.

South Africa’s democratic breakthrough in 1994, our human and socio-economic rights-based constitution, our progressive laws and the progress society has made on many fronts in overcoming the legacies of colonial and apartheid rule, are due in no small measure to the generation of Peter Magubane and so many other unsung heroes.

The nation will be forever indebted to the selfless contributions of Peter Magubane and his generation to give voice to the voiceless and ensure that South Africa could become a beacon of democracy. 

His story is an inspiration to countless youth on the values of perseverance, hard work and education.  His life is a reminder to the leadership of the nation, irrespective of the colour of their political party t-shirt, that they have been elected to serve the public and not their need for self-aggrandisement or their lust for healthy bank balances.

Issued by COSATU

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