DENOSA Ekurhuleni appalled by instigated violent act by Daveyton community on a nurse.

 Tuesday, 30th January 2024.

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) in the Ekurhuleni Region notes with great concern the act of violence that was directed at the nurses by the community of Daveyton Main Clinic whilst they were on duty on 22 January 2024 and demands swift action against the instigator of such violence and that immediate psychological support be availed to the affected nurses as a matter of urgency. 

The incidence can be seen and heard on the video taken by a person who claims to be “Lali Skhosana” from Daveyton, inciting and instigating violence against the nurse whose identity is being protected. 

The incident was triggered by this community member who rallied the queueing patients who were waiting for their chronic medication to chase away the two nurses working on the chronic medication side who, according to the instigator, were not doing their job. 

This is despite the two hardworking nurses, who were also complemented by the Clinic Committee for their work, having worked until 12h30 without having taken their 10h00 tea-time break as allowed for by labour laws of the country. They had already seen over 70 patients since 08h00 in the morning, working themselves to a breaking point in serving the community.

We condemn such behaviour by the public in its entirety as DENOSA and advocates for improved channels of communication when and where there’s inadequate and or unsatisfactory service by our members or anybody in the public sector.

The instigator is heard saying the nurse in question was reported to the management, but management is nowhere to be seen, while members of the public are seen interfering with the nurse and pushing her around. This proves and shows that in that particular facility, the department is functioning with  managers and/or supervisor who lack the right competency to manage the situation when it escalated and who don’t have de-escalation techniques, in effective Quality Assurance response. Noting also that they don’t have sense of urgency. 

DENOSA leaders in Ekurhuleni called for an urgent bilateral meeting with the District to assist it to remedy the situation. It is disappointing to learn that managers claimed to have assisted the nurses with the incited patients and instigator, but facts proved otherwise.

DENOSA stresses that managers should not allow their subordinates to work from 7am to 12pm without taking a break whilst working in critical departments of a primary prevention no matter the shortage of staff. It is even worse that one of the nurses allocated there is pregnant.

DENOSA blames the District for the shortage of staff in that facility and for not having contingency plan, which is a shame. 

DENOSA Ekurhuleni has decided on the following on the incident:

1. Management must be workshopped on conflict resolution, to deal with crisis situations and be trained on de-escalation techniques.

2. Security response must be upgraded, and the patrolling of security personnel must be seen within the facilities and skills of public order be instilled.

3. The District management must go to LRO so that they are able to open a case against the instigator seen in the video as she has violated section 20 and also violated POPI Act.

4. The affected nurses to receive counselling and be transferred to another Health Facility where they can render their services without being threatened or abused.

It can’t be correct that in 2024 nurses still don’t work in a conducive working environment and a positive practice environment. The safety of the working environment is the sole responsibility of the employer, and DENOSA shall not abdicate its role to protect its members.

We also call on the MMC for Community Safety to do community road shows in educating the public about safety and measures to deal with dissatisfaction besides resorting to violence.

Lastly, DENOSA will also engage both the community and the country’s regulatory body for nursing, the South African Nursing Council (SANC), on the urgent need to regulate staffing norms and standards in various settings in the country’s healthcare system especially in these times of gross shortage of nurses, because many of the incidents of violence against the nurses are caused by frustrated patients over the slow pace of service as a result of shortage of staff.


Issued by DENOSA in Ekurhuleni.

For more information and for interview requests, contact:

Mzwandile Mthembu, DENOSA Regional Secretary.

Mobile: 071 677 3431.


Bongani Mazibuko, DENOSA Gauteng Provincial Secretary.

Mobile: 072 620 8806