COSATU Gauteng State of the Province Address expectations

19 February 2024

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) in Gauteng eagerly awaits the State of the Province Address by Premier Panyaza Lesufi, expecting comprehensive updates and insights into the trajectory of the province’s development. While we commend the Nasi Ispani programme for its commendable efforts in addressing youth unemployment, we look forward to further details on its continued success and expansion.

COSATU Gauteng acknowledges the strides made in job creation through the Nasi Ispani programme, which has positively impacted the lives of many unemployed youth in the province. We hope to hear about sustained efforts and future plans to enhance this initiative and create even more opportunities for our young workforce.

Additionally, we urgently seek updates on crucial economic initiatives, specifically the implementation progress of the pharmaceutical company and the state bank. These entities play a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of Gauteng, and we look forward to hearing about the milestones achieved and the plans for their sustained growth.

Service-related matters are of utmost concern to the citizens of Gauteng. We call for a dedicated focus on improving public services to ensure efficient and effective governance. A detailed plan outlining strategies to enhance service delivery will be crucial in building public trust and satisfaction. 

Energy and load shedding cannot be left out as it has a negative impact on the economic landscape of Gauteng, setting the stage for heightened anticipation ahead of the State of the Province Address. With the persistent challenges in the energy sector leading to regular power cuts, businesses in Gauteng have faced disruptions, decreased productivity, and increased operational costs. The address must shed light on the government’s plans and strategies to address the impact of load shedding on the province’s economy.  

Furthermore, the issue of sufficient housing remains a pressing concern. COSATU Gauteng urges the provincial government to provide updates on current housing projects and to outline future plans for addressing the housing needs of our growing population. Adequate and affordable housing is fundamental to the well-being and stability of our communities.

Lastly, we anticipate a comprehensive strategy for economic growth within the province. COSATU Gauteng looks forward to hearing about initiatives, policies, and investments aimed at fostering economic development, job creation, and sustainable growth. A transparent and well-communicated plan will instill confidence in both the workforce and investors, contributing to the overall prosperity of Gauteng.

Issued by COSATU Gauteng

Provincial Chairperson (Amos Monyela): 079 493 5002

Provincial Secretary (Louisah Modikwe): 066 182 2402 / 082 297 2659