COSATU North West expectations ahead of the last SOPA of the 6th administration

20 February 2024

The Congress of South African Trade Unions(COSATU) in the North West has noted that the Premier of the North West province honourable Kaobitsa Bushy Maape, will deliver his last State of the Province Address of the 6th administration in the legislature on the 20th February 2024. COSATU North West is looking forward to an emphasis on the following:

1.    Economy

The SOPA must pronounce on the process of the implementation of the provincial development plan which the 6th administration will conclude soon. The process must be inclusive, where all stakeholders will be given an opportunity to participate. This must also consider all the factors in the province.

1.1.        Mining

The SOPA must outline plans on how the province will utilise mining as part of growing the economy and creating jobs. This must, amongst others, include plans to ensure that mining companies adhere to their social labour plans, the mining charter and to also guarantee that communities benefit from the mines within their community.

1.2.        Manufacturing

The address should provide details of programs which the administration has designed to stimulate the beneficiation of the products of this province. We believe this will require the revitalization of the manufacturing capacity of this province which in turn, will create jobs and alleviate poverty and unemployment.    

1.3.        Agriculture

In this regard, we wish the SOPA to provide direction on the beneficiation of agricultural products, which will drive transformation in the ownership of  means of production in the agricultural sector. 

1.4.        Culture and tourism

The tourism sector must be revitalized to make the province a preferred destination. SOPA must also outline the programs which would be implemented to preserve the cultures within the province.

2.    Provision of basic services

2.1.        Health

We expect details on plans to always ensure the provision of quality health services.

2.2.        Education

·       Address the issue of safety of education workers and public servants in general.

·       Allocation of more resources to infrastructure development within the province to eradicate mud schools, pit latrines, making sure that schools have libraries, laboratories, NSNP kitchens, GR Classes and sporting facilities.

·       Incorporating the 4IR in our schools including proper training of teachers to acclimatise with the 21st century technological developments.

·       Consideration of reopening of at least one college of education in the province for the purpose of continues Teacher Development and Training.

·       Address the casualization of Education workers particularly with regard to permanent appointment of temporary educators, decent stipend for NSNP Volunteers, appointment of administrative staff particularly in previously disadvantaged schools.

2.3.        Water and sanitation

Similarly to health, water is a basic right. Failure of the state to provide it is a violation of this right. The SOPA must clarify how the administration will ensure that all the communities have uninterrupted piped water on a 24-hour basis. 

3.    Roll out of infrastructure

The province has a backlog on the roll out of infrastructure, particularly, roads. This has been at the centre of most of the service delivery protests in rural areas. Lack of proper infrastructure has also affected other services such as education.

4.    Social cohesion

4.1.        Racism

The SOPA must outline how the administration will combat the scourge of racism across the province.

4.2.        Crime and corruption  

Fighting crime and rooting out the scourge of corruption in both private and public entities should be among the main priorities. There must efforts made to protect the farm workers and farm dwellers against the atrocities meted on them by white farmers.

  1. Improve the state of governance and revitalize the provincial SOEs

Most of the municipalities are dysfunctional. There are challenges of service delivery in most municipalities. It is of paramount urgency to provide support to the municipalities and to hold them accountable to enable adequate service delivery to the residents of North West.

Issued by COSATU North West

For more information feel free to contact Kopano Konopi, Provincial Secretary of COSATU in the North West. Cell:082 339 5836