COSATU and the Communications Workers’ Union will be holding a march to Treasury Friday 5 April in support of workers at SABC and the Post Office

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and its Affiliate, the Communications Workers’ Union (CWU) will be marching to Treasury’s Head Office in Tshwane in support of workers at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and the South African Post Office (SAPO) Friday 5 April.

The march will be in support of the right of SABC employees to a living wage and to have their meagre salaries protected from erosion by inflation.  It is a travesty that SABC employees, permanent and “freelance” did not have an increase for three years and a third of staff who were once permanent were retrenched and some forced into becoming freelancers or permanently temporary.

COSATU and CWU will be marching in solidarity with the workers at SAPO who have experienced horrendous abuses over many years from repeated delays in paying their salaries, the non-payment of their deductions to third parties, e.g. medical and provident funds, to the pending retrenchments of 6 000 employees and the slashing of their remaining staff salaries by 40%.

The marchers will meet at 09h00 at the Old Bus Depot in Marabastad and then proceed to Treasury’s Head Office in Tshwane to hand over their memorandum to the Departments of Communications and Digital Technologies, Employment and Labour, and National Treasury.  Their expected time of arrival at National Treasury’s Head Office in Tshwane is 13h30.

Workers at the SABC and SAPO have been abused for long enough. It’s time their rights were respected. 

Issued by COSATU

For further information please contact:
Matthew Parks
Acting National Spokesperson & Parliamentary Coordinator 
Cell: 082 785 0687