COSATU Mpumalanga denounces the senseless attack of healthcare workers at Themba Hospital

05 April 2024

The Congress of South African Trade Unions(COSATU) in Mpumalanga denounces the senseless attack of frontline healthcare workers who play a significant role in our society.

COSATU is shocked and deeply saddened by the recent acts of violence directed towards doctors and nurses within the premises of Themba Hospital. The safety and well-being of healthcare professionals are paramount, and such senseless attacks not only endanger the lives of those who dedicate themselves to caring for others but also undermine the fabric of our society.

Healthcare workers have been at the forefront of battling the ongoing health crisis, tirelessly working to save lives and provide essential medical care to those in need. These dedicated professionals deserve our utmost respect, gratitude, and protection. Instead, they have faced verbal abuse, physical assaults, and threats while carrying out their duties.

It is unacceptable that healthcare workers, who are committed to healing and saving lives, are subjected to such reprehensible acts. Violence against them not only affects their physical and mental well-being but also hampers their ability to perform their duties effectively, ultimately jeopardizing patient care.

We urge authorities to take swift and decisive action to ensure the safety and security of healthcare workers within Themba Hospital and across all healthcare facilities. Enhanced security measures, rigorous enforcement of existing laws, and initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of respecting healthcare professionals are crucial steps that must be taken immediately.

Furthermore, we call upon the community to stand in solidarity with healthcare workers and to condemn any form of violence or aggression towards them. It is only through collective efforts and unwavering support that we can create a safe and conducive environment for healthcare professionals to continue their vital work without fear or intimidation.

COSATU stands in solidarity with the doctors and nurses of Themba Hospital and reaffirms its commitment to advocating for their rights, safety, and well-being. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and work tirelessly to ensure that healthcare workers can carry out their noble profession without fear of violence or reprisal.

Issued by COSATU Mpumalanga

For enquiries, contact:

Thabo Mokoena(Provincial Secretary)

Cell:073 750 2041