The South African Emergency Personnel’s Union fully supports the National Health Bill as it seeks to transform historical injustices and inequalities caused by the former apartheid state. The president is supposed to sign the Bill into Law today in the parliament (Cape-Town).

The impending signing of the National Health Insurance has shown the true colours of the Democratic Alliance (DA) as a party of white privilege and exceptionalism. Democratic Alliance defines itself as being the most trusted and inclusive party but it waste no time to protect only the whites whenever they think that they are treated unfairly. Majority of the influencers that are opposing the Bill has shown that it is vulnerable to corrupt tendencies and cite many unfathomable but feeble reasons.

The government must first improve the conditions of public hospitals to be on the same level as the private ones before they can implement the NHI. The whites are not willing to share the health facilities with underprivileged “wretched of the earth” human being. Some in the medical aid industry are silent about the policy that is threatening their profit margins from gorging the medical aid prices. They even threatens that the doctors will relocate to other countries if the bill is signed into law.

The normal price of giving birth at private health facilities range from R9 000 to R30 000, the current status quo is a fertile ground for profit maximisation by the private sectors. The white privilege are now whining due the signing of the NHI because they are not ready to accept equality and universalisation of health care services.

The NHI Bill seeks to provide for universal access to health care services in the country in accordance with the National Health Insurance White Paper and the constitution of South Africa. It will also create mechanisms for the equitable, effective and efficient utilisation of the fund’s resources to meet the health needs of users and prohibit unethical and unlawful practices in relation to the fund.


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