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GWU on the UDF

The role of the unions on politics Why has the GWU decided not to affiliate to the UDF? We are committed to supporting any organisation, which opposes the constitutional proposals and the Koornhof Bills, and the UDF would obviously be primary amongst those organisations. We are also committed to the idea of joint campaigns but […]

Is it a Party for Unions

Is it a party for unions being in the party? At the launch of the SACP as a legal party in Johannesburg on 29 July, 1990 after almost 40 years of illegality, the party announced that four of the most prominent trade union leaders were part of its internal leadership group. They included Numsa’s Moses […]

Errors of Workerism

Workerism is an ideology that has existed at different times and different parts of the world. In the late 19th century and early 20th century workerism was one of the false approaches that the new international workers movement had to deal with and criticise. There were many important debates within workers parties’, unions and later […]

June 16, 1976

On the 16th June ten years ago people went home at the end of the day, as always. But when they turned on their radios and opened their newspapers, they knew South Africa would never be the same again. The extra late edition of the World newspaper said, 4 DEAD, 11 HURT AS KIDS RIOT […]

NUM Signed closed shop agreement with Rustenburg Platinum mine

National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) secured exclusive union rights for workers at platinum producer Rustenburg  Platinum Mine yesterday. The NUM represents 80 percent of the workers of around 7,000 and said workers at the company’s four mines voted overwhelmingly last week in favour of the agreement. Under the NUM’s closed shop agreement, employees who are already members of NUM […]