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1.  4th World Conference On Women This Catalogue contains publications of the UN and many of its related agencies and intergovernment organisations.
2. African National Congress Women’s League Delivery to the women: a document for the ANC Women’s League. April 1999
3. Agenda: a journal about women and gender journal
4.  Agenda: empowering women for gender equity The Poverty Issue
5. Annual Southern Trade Union Women Forum ASATUW FORUM: women in the trade unionss also face the challenges of adapting to the new political environment, and participating in the shaping of a new economic order.
6.  Beijin Agender Beijin Edition
7.  Biographies Notes on women of the struggle.
8. Cosatu Gender Coordinator’s Report 7-9 August 1992
9.  Cosatu National Conference Gender Policy 7-9 July 2003
10.  Cosatu National Women’s Conference 5 – 6 September
11. Cosatu National Women’s Conference 6 – 7 June 1992
12. Cosatu Women’s Conference 22-24 April 1988 Johannesburg
13. Cosatu Women’s Conference 22-24 April 1988 Johannesburg
14. Cries of Freedom Office
15.  Cries of Freedom Women in detention in South Africa
16. Empowering Union Women: toward the year 2000 Report from the 7th Biennial CLC Women’s Conference Ottwa
17. Equality: The Continuing Challenge-Strategies for Success 300 women trade unionists from around the world came together in Ottawa in April 1991 to assess progress towards equality in society, employment and trade unions.
18. Gender Equity policy of Nigeria Labour Congress Looking at the gender issue in Nigeria
19. Heroines of the Struggle Women must claim their rights. The booklet serves as a commemoration to the heroines and veterans of the struggle. The brave women of the struggle.
20. Images Images of the gender role in two ILO projects
21. International Viewpoint International Women’s Day 1987 – Special Edition
22. Legal Aid Scheme for Women In the Eastern and Southern African Countries
23. National Gender Conference: 7-9 July 2003 Cosatu Gender Policy: reviewing our practice from policy to action
24. Nigeria Labour Congress Women’s Education Handbook
25. Report of the Commission on Gender Equality Information and Evaluation Workshop
26. Review of African Political Economy Challenging Gender Inequalities in Africa
27. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Can you recognise a case of sexual harassment
28. The Rock Breaking the Culture of Silence
29.  Trade Union Women in the Netherlands Contracting into Europe
30. Violence Against Women Policy Statement End violence against women
31. Women And Children At Risk In South Africa Women in rural areas are aften forced into the role of sole supporter of the family.
32. Women and Democracy Withing the Trade Unions movement, there have been concerted efforts to increase the participation of women in union activities
33. Women in Technical Trades International Labour Office, geneva
34. Women On Power: a collective constrution woking women launched a proposal to discuss quotas for participation in the bodies affiliated to CUT, begun to discuss social exclusion of women
35. Women on the Move 4th World Conference on women, Beijin 1995
36. Women Workers and Society Common Wealth Union Council
37.Women’s Health Project Help Planned Parenthood Take on the SABC about its Censorship
38.Working Women Pregnancy and Maternity Rights
39. Cosatu Women’s Conference Cosatu Women’s Coference | 22-24 April 188 | Johannesburg
40.Women’s Work, Women’s Health Myths and Realities
41. The Feminist Challenge Initial working principles | toward reconceptualizing the feminist movement in the Philippines
42. Working Women A portrait of South Africa’s Black Women Workers
43. Agenda A Journal About Women and Gender
44. COSATU Gender Workshop Gender Mainstreaming