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1.  South African Aids Network A Directory of the National Aids Database October 1993
2.  A Cohort Study of Bronchial Carcinomas In Workers Producing Chromate Pigments
3. A Guide to AIDS A Resource Book for Trade Union Educators
4. Accident at Work TAG
5. Accidents and Sickness at Work in this book we will read and talk about why people get hurt or sick at work
6. ACON: Aids Council of New South Wale An Annual Report for 1989/90
7. ACTSA NEWS: carrying the cost of AIDS Action for Southern Africa
8. AIDS Action Training Makes A Big Difference
9.  AIDS and the Imperialist Connection
10. Aids and the workplace forum The new South Africa- now for delivery
11. AIDS Bulletin The AIDS Programme of the National Progressive primary Health Care Network
12. Aids in the workplace Labour Concern
13. AIDS: Is it an Issue for Workers (health) workplace information group
14. An Injury At Work Photostory depicting scenarios at work in relation to injuries
15. Cancer Resulting From Shipyard Work On Walcheren Island IMF World Conference on Health and Safety in the Metal Industry
16. Cataloque of ILO Publications On Occupational Safety And health
17. Chemical Information A Guide for the Safety Reps
18. Children’s Diary Services provided to children by the Gauteng Provincial Government
19. Chronic Exposure to JET Fuel Effects on occupationally exposed workers with special reference to the nervous system
20. Coal Tar Pitch Volatiles At Coke Ovens IMF World Conference on Health and Safety in the Metal Industry
21. Compensation for Occupational Lung Disease in Mineworkers Health Information Centre
22.  Contraception This booklet is about family planning, or contraception.
23. Criteria for a Recommended Standard This report indicates the develpoment of recommendations which were made by the national institute of occupational safety and health as a result of a request by president Abel of theUnited Steelworkers of America
24. Critical Health Drugs: what’s behind their prescription?
25. Critical Health Health workers No2: Accounting and Training
26. Critical Health Health before profit
27. Critical Health Work and Health
28. Critical Health The new South Africa- now for delivery
29.  Critical Health: special edition Tribute to Neil Aggett
30. Dirty Dozen Pesticides Fact Sheet: the International Federation of plantation, Agriculture and Allied Workers is concerned about those people who suffer most direct from hazards of pesticides.
31.Endrin Health and Safety Guide TUC handbook
32. Ethylene Oxide Health and Safety Guide
33. FAWU AIDS Policy FAWU AIDS Policy Adopted as a Guiding Document and Basis for Discussion by Cosatu’s 4th National Congress
34. Fighting Asbestos At work and at home
35. Formaldehyde Health and Safety Guide
36.  Freight Industry, Health and Transport put the brakes on AIDS Workshop Report
37. Health and Safety at Work TUC handbook
38. Health before profit The new South Africa- now for delivery
39. Health Care in Finland
40. Health Hazards In The Metal Working trades Metal Dusts and Fumes, Substances used in Metal Processing, Metal Pigments
41. Health Working and AIDS An ACTU Occupational Health and Safety Project
42. Heart and Lung in Foundry work IMF World Conference on Health and Safety in the Metal Industry
43. HIV/AIDS Protecting Ourselves, Protecting Our Patients and Residents
44. HIV/AIDS And The health-Care Worker
45.  HIV/AIDS and Employment Code of Good Practice
46. Impact of HIV/AIDS in South Africa The impact of HIV/AIDS on South African Trade Unions
47.  Infection Control Guidelines Aides and Related Conditions
48.  International Labour Office An ILO code of practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work
49. Isobenzan Health and Safety Guide TUC handbook
50. Lead Smelters – A Continuing Source of Disease IMF World Conference on Health and Safety in the Metal Industry
51. Let’s Teach About AIDS In this issue we discuss assessing change
52. Long Term Mortality Study of Steel Workers from the journal of occupational medicine
53. Medical Schemes for Workers Issues for Discussions and Debate
54. My Comrade with HIV/AIDS still my comrade A workers handbook on HIV and AIDS
55. NACOSA Conference Minutes Minutes of a meeting of prograssive organisations involved in AIDS work
56. NAMDA: The National Medical and Dental Association Primary Health Care
57 Nickel Carbonyl compounds Health and Safety Guide TUC handbook
58.  Noise As a Health Hazard Noise as a health hazard
59. Occupational Lung Disease in Mine workers Health Information Centre
60. Prescribed Occupational Disease Prescriped Diseases are a list of specific medical conditions which are known to be associated with different types of work
61. Preventive Measures in Solvent Use IMF World Conference on Health and Safety in the Metal Industry
92. Propylene Oxide Health and Safety Guide TUC handbook
63. Protocol Of Inter-Industry Noise Study A critique of research data relating to hearing level to exposure to noise below 90 dba
64. Publications on occupational safety and health Catalogue
65.Report of the Industrial health Research Group
66. SADTU: cosatu HIV/AIDS workshop
67. Safety and Health at Work TUC handbook
68. Stop Aids It is important to know all about Aids
69.Stop violence against women women,HIV/AIDS and human rights
70. Teenagers and AIDS Know the facts, know the truth
71. The Explosion in Lapua Munition Factory A case submitted to IMF for international cooperation to protect the life and health of metal workers
72.The HIV/AIDS Book Information for workers
73. The Rights of People With AIDS The United Kingdom Declaration of the Rights of People with HIV/AIDS
74.  Veneral Desease (health) Health Information Centre
75. Workers Beware! Lead is a Poison
76. HIV/AIDS threatens democracy HIV/AIDS threatens to undermine work for democracy and human rights.