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1.  History of South Africa History of South: Looking at maps
2. A History of Worker Organisations History of Worker Organisations
3.  Land Labour & Capital The experience of the Graaff-Reinet District
4. The IMSSA Review Independent Mediation Service Of South Africa
5. NUSAS LAE Project Focus on the History of Labour Legislation
6. History Workshop Media Centre Catalogue
7. 20th Century South Africa Documentary Material For Teaching South African History
8. Durban Strikes Miners in Durban go on a massive strike action
9. May Day: hlanganani basebenzi May Day is about capitalism, and the struggle of the working class against exploitation
10. History In The Making Documents reflecting a changing South Africa
11. History In The Making January 1991 Vol 1 NO.3
12. History In The Making August 1990 Vol 1 NO.1
13. History In The Making August 1990 Vol 1 NO.1
14. Marx: the class struggle in France 1848 – 1850 The work here republished was Marx’s first attempt to explain a section of comtemporary history by means of his materialist conception
15. Chinatown, N.Y. Labour and Politics, 1930 – 1950
16. Rereading Capital examaination of the interpretation of Marx’s theory made by contemporary political economy.
17. Marx: The eighteenth Brumaire of Loius Bonaparte Marx digs beneath the surface of political rhetoric and the manoeuvring for power by political personalities.
18. Sanctions: against apartheid
19. The Road to Damascus The document to lay bare the historic and political roots of the conflict, to affirm the faith of the poor and theoppressed christians in our countries.
20. Truth and Reconcialition Commission
21. The Point of No Return: The politics of South Africa on Election Day
22. Constitutional Assembly Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996