human rights-shelf

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[1]  Rule of Fear Human Rights in South Africa
[2]  Corruption, Democracy & Human Rights in West Africa Summery report of a seminar organized bybAfrica Leadership Forum in Cotonou Sept 1994
[3]  South African Journal On Human Rights Environmenta Rights in SA | death Penalty in India |Jurisdiction over abducted persons
[4]  Human Rights Yearbook 2000 Violations against the dignity, Livelihood and fundamental rights of people in Burma perpetrated by military dictorship of Rangoon
[5]  Childrens Rights and Personal Rights The promotion, protection and respect for these rights are examined in relation to children, popular justice and refugees
[6]  Trade Union Rights and other human rights in Africa The struggle for trade unions everywhere requires that members at all levels have adequate knowledge both of their immediate environment as well as their rights and responsibilities.
[7]  Human Rights Watch Abuse of Undocumented Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees in South Africa
[8]  Post-Election Focus 1999 A detailed guide to the 1999 election results
[9]  Human Rights Update Vol.4 NO 12
[9]  Fighting for Workers’ Human Rights in the Global Economy In this booklet you will find ICFTU’s proposals for linking basic workers’ rights to trade liberalization