Pocket info

Pocket Info is another COSATU innovative way of sharing information. Pocket info give rise to the notion of smart information management, that opens information access through WhatsApp.
Cosatu ConstitutionThe Cosatu constitution Amended 2006WhatsApp “Pocket” and “Constitution” to 066-470-6224
Forms of harassmentQuick and easy way to understand harassmentWhatsApp “Pocket” and “Harassment” to 066-470-6224
Freedom CharterCongress of the people, Kliptown, 1955WhatsApp “Pocket” and “Freedom Charter” to 066-470-6224
16 Days of ActivismActivism against Gender Based ViolenceWhatsApp “Pocket” and “16 Days of GBV” to 066-470-6224
The RDPKey programmes of the RDPWhatsApp “Pocket” and “RDP” to 066-470-6224
May DayThe working class heart of out historyWhatsApp “Pocket” and “MayDay” to 066-470-6224
The NDRConceptual framework of NDRWhatsApp “Pocket” and “NDR” to 066-470-6224
June 16, 1976Soweto youth uprisingWhatsApp “Pocket” and “June 16” to 066-470-6224
Cosatu LogoMeaning behind the logoWhatsApp “Pocket” and “Cosatu Logo” to 066-470-6224
Affirmative ActionWhat is affirmative actionWhatsApp “Pocket” and “Affirmative Action” to 066-470-6224
Why join a unionJoining a trade unionWhatsApp “Pocket” and “joining union” to 066-470-6224
June 16 Timeline1976 – 1986WhatsApp “Pocket” and “June 16 timeline” to 066-470-6224
Cosatu NOBs 2017 – 2022WhatsApp “Pocket” and “NOBs 2017” to 066-470-6224