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1. The Red Flag in South Africa A popular history of the South African Communist Party 1921-1990
2. SACP: 10th Congress Johanneburg 1-5 July 1998 Build People’s Power, Build Socialism Now: Financial Report
3.  SACP: 10th Congress Johanneburg 1-5 July 1998 Build People’s Power, Build Socialism Now: Draft Discussion Document
4. Building Socialism Now: preparing for the new millennium COSATU & SACP
5. ANC: A Better life For All Working Together for Jobs, Peace and Freedom
6. ANC: Election Campaign Manual Make your mark for freedom, vote ANC
7.  ANC: Together speeding up change 2000 Manifesto
8. ANC: Together speeding up change 2000 Manifesto
9. ANC January Statement 1996 Annual Statement of the National Executive Committee
10. ANC January Statement 1996 Annual Statement of the National Executive Committee
11. ANC: Year of the Democratic Election Statement of the NEC on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the ANC
12. ANC Constitution As amended by and adopted at the ANC Conference, December 1994
13. ANC Position on the Land Question Discussion Document for ANC National Conference, June 1991
14. ANC: Let the people decide! Negotiation and the struggle for a democratic South Africa
15.  ANC Strategy and Tactics As amended at the 50th National Conference, December 1997
16. Joining the ANC An introductory handbook to the African National Congress
17. Africa National Congress Building a United Nation
18. Why workers should vote ANC A message from the COSATU CEC to workers and their families
19.  Repression and Resistence in South Africa and Namibia Review of 1989
20.  Building a Regional Labour Movement The Southern African Trade UnionCo-ordination Council
21. Inyandza National Movement A Collection of Address by Enos J Mabuza ( President)
22. International Viewpoint Balance Sheet of the Afghan War
23.  Canada Electoral System How it evolved and how it works
24.  The Supreme goal of the Soviet Armed Forces is to prevent war Expect Opinion
25. The Socislist Idea and Revolutionary Perestroika Mikhail Gorbachev
26.  The World has become a safer place Expect Opinion
27.  June 12 in Perspective Five Critical Essays
28.  Lessons From Argentina The Buenos Aires Water Concession
29. ANC perspective on Local Government A better life: Let’s make it happen where we live
30. Freedom Charter People shall govern
31.  Address by President Nelson Mandela at the ANC’s Manifesto Launch 24 Aug 1995 Check against delivery
32. Education, Training and Scientific Development ANC Policy Guidelines
33.  Afiracan National Congress Article for Mayibuye Magazine Written by Jessie Duarte
34. Explanatory Memorandum on the Draft Negotiating Document The New Labour Relations Act
35. Nicaragua: A campaigning and informationpack Special Reports
36.  Building A United Nation National Constitutional Conference Policy proposals for The Final Constitution 1995
37. The Swedish Parliamentary System This book is an introduction to Sweden’s parliamentary system, embodied in the Parliament and the Cabinet
38. Representation In The Federal Parliament The book explains the principle of representation in the House of Commons and how the electoral district boundaries are determined
39. The Revolution Disarmed Chile 1970-1973
40. HandBook On Legislation and Regulation This handbook is intended to provide clear and accessible information about the laws and regulations which will determine the administration of the forthcoming local elections
41. African Communist: The Alliance SACP and ANC ‘brothers’ – moulding and moulded by each other
42.  African Communist: Now more than ever, Build the Alliance Now more than ever, Build the Alliance
43.  African Communist: The Alliance, What Future? The Allience – What Future?
44. The Path to Power Programme of the South African Communist Party
45. Manifesto Of The South African Communist Party Building workers’ power for democratic change
46.  African Communist: SA communists face the world SA Communists face the world
47.  African Communist: keeping our strategic priorities in focus Keeping Our Strategic Priorities in Focus
48.  African Journal of Political Economy A journal depicting the political economy of African states
49.  Negotiating Flexibility The role of the social partners and the state
50. Making local government work an activist guide
51. Prisons: Track Two prison transformation in South Africa
52. The African Communists Worker Power, key to the RDP
53. Basic Programme and Berlin Declaration Of the Social Democratic Party of Germany
54.  Colombia: image and reality This booklet traces the development of modern day Colombia and assesses the significance of recent reforms
55. Dmitri Yazov the supreme goal of the Soviet armed forces is to prevent war
56.  East Timor: transition to statehood This booklet traces their painful journey to freedom and sets out the key challenges facing the world’s newest country
57.  Africa Leadership Forum The Kampala Document: towards a conference on security, stability development and cooperation in Africa
58.  The State and the Crisis in Africa In search of a second liberation
59.  The Energy Crisis World Strggle for power and wealth
60.  Social and Environmental Clauses and Free Trade European and Southeast Asia
61.  41st Session of the WFTU General Council
62. Declaration concerning the policy of Apartheid
63. Playing the Globalisation Game The implecations of economic liberation for Namibia
64. Sustainable Energy and Transportation The role of workers and trade unions
65. South African Defence Force Dispatches
66.  Building Alternatives to Neo-liberal Globalisation Challenges facing NEPAD
67. African National Congress Policy Preparatory Workshop
68.  African National Congress Northern Cape province 2nd Provincila Conference 27-29 September 1996
69. ANC Organising Department Bosberaad Vol 1 Bosberaad 9-12 December 1996
70.  ANC Organising Department Bosberaad Vol 2
71. ANC Organising department Bosberaad Vol 4
72.  ANC Strategy and Tactics From resistance to reconstruction and nation building
73. ANC 48th national Conference Declarations and Resolutions of the 48th National Conference July 1991
74. ANC 50th National Conference Presidential Report
75.  ANC 50th National Conference Report of the Alliance Summit
76.  ANC 50th National Conference Programme and Conference Information
77. ANC 49th National Conference Ministerial Reports 17-21 December 1994 Bloemfontein
78. ANC 49th National Conference Secretary General Report
79.  ANC Constitution constitution as adopted at the ANC national conference, June 1991
80.  ANC 86th Anniversary january statement 1998 January Statement by Thabo Mbeki – President
81.  Sanctions Against Apartheid Chapters in this book, from a project originating within South Africa, argue the case in favour of sanctions against apartheid
82. Political Economy African Journal of Political Economy underlies the need for social scientific enterprise and commitment to meet and merge.
83. A Handbook of Philosophy This handbook sets out the basic concepts and catagories of Marxist-Leninist philosophy.
84. Has Socialism Failed? By Joe Slovo Socialism is undoubtedly in the throes of crisis greater than at any time since 1917.
85. Marxism, Class analysis and Socialist Pluralism This book presents a radical challenge to socialist orthodoxy, subjecting a key component of that orthodox
86. Marxian Economics This book provide a concise, critical but sympathetic exposition of Marx’s economic theory and its contemporary relevance
87.  Regional Reconstructuring under apartheid: urban and regional policies in contemporary SA Both as part of the ongoing process of implementing apartheid and in response to various crises in recent years, the stste has reformulated and restructured legislation and policies which have a regional dimension
88. RDP: reconstruction and development programme A Policy Framework
89. Readings in the ANC tradions Vol 1: Policy and Praxis Understanding the ANC today
90. We are not Prepared to Renounce Our Sovereignity Press Conference by Foreign Minister of the Republic of Cuba | April 9, 2003
91. Fidel Castro: Cuba Against Terrorism and War Speeches on September 11, 22, 29 and October 6, 2001 Staements and Documents
92. A Different Behaviour Fidel Castro
93. Mzabalazo A Pictorial History fo the African National Congress
94. Religion and the Rise of Capiltalism Study of Religious Thoughts on Social Issues
95. Slumo 1982: The anatimy of a recession Thatcher’s government had reduced the economy to a condition of weakness from which Britain may need a decade to recover.
96. Reconstructing Marxism Essays addressing historical materialism, Marx’s theory of history in the philosophy of social sciences
97.  A Theory of Capitalist Regulation The US Experience
98. Studies in the Labour Theory of Value History and critical analysis of the development of the concept of value in classical political economy.
99.  The Age of Commodity Water privatization in Southern Africa
100. Marx Engels Manifesto of the Communist Party
101.  Engels Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy
102.  The Political Economy of Marx This book provide a comprehensive exposition and appraisal of marx’s political economy
103. Introduction to Marxism The basic element of the theory of historical materialism, of Marxist economic theory, of the history of workers movement and the problems of the tactics of workers
104.  The Yellow Devil History and modern problems of gold as a monetary metal.
105. Marx: a critique of the political economy
106. Amnesty international Report 2002/2004 Reports
107.  New Nations: people’s history Learning nation History lessons
108.  Economic policy Constestation in Government Are the Polokwane Economic Policy Resolutions being implemented by government?