Bio-Alina Rantsolase

Alina Rantsolase works for Checkers-Vereeniging as an Inventory Control-ler. She joined the Commercial Catering and Allied Workers’ Union of South Africa (CCAWUSA) in 1978 and served in the union’s Regional and Central Executive Committee. In 1984, she became a National Negotiator representing the union in negotiations with Checkers.
Two years later, Rantsolase became a Regional Chairperson of the Com-pany Council (and internal bargaining council). In 1987, she became CO-SATU’s Western Transvaal Regional A RantsolaseEducation Officer coor-dinating shopstewards and was elected SACCAWU’s regional treasurer – rising to become the union’s regional chair in 1993. Rantsolase was elected the union’s National Treasurer the same year.
Like other members of COSATU, she is a member of the ANC and serves in the movement’s Vaal Region’s disciplinary committee. Challenges faced by women activists Alinah highlights the challenges faced by women activ-
ists within their affiliate unions in terms of convincing the leadership on adoption of gender equity policies and implementation of such policies. Her argument also indicates that the adoption of policies at the COSATU national congresses is fruitless without changing male sexist attitudes that dominate key decision-making structures. It also brings to the fore the fail-ure of the federation to have in place effective system for monitoring pro-gress on gender equity policies, and for making affiliates and leadership accountable.